Men's Sheds Projects

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 We are proud to make a difference to Ringwood!

Mud Kitchen.jpeg

Mucking About!

Men's Shed are extremely proud to have designed and built a 'MUD KITCHEN' and a 'WATER WALL' for Poulner Infant School. It is an absolute pleasure to have worked on the project and so rewarding seeing the children enjoying the apparatus!

"Marshal" is our middle name!

From formal to fun events, Ringwood Mens Shed always support our community by marshalling. With local knowledge and experience, we make sure that anyone attending an event does so safely whilst enjoying themselves..... which..... we also do too! It's win win for everyone!

Community Marshaling.jpeg
Fridays Cross.jpeg

Restoration of the Friday's Cross Bench

Working with Ringwood Town Council, Mens Shed undertook the restoration of the famous ornate circular metal bench at Fridays Cross. Using appropriate techniques and paints, we restored the bench to look like new - We're extremely proud of the outcome!

Cemetery Gate Restoration

The entrance gates to Ringwood Cemetery were in need of an overhaul; partnering with Ringwood Town Council, we rubbed back and prepared the gates and applied several new coats of specialist paint.  The weather was great, we had a laugh and the whole team enjoyed the day - "Work doesn't feel like work when you're having fun!"

Cemetary Gates Restoration.jpeg

Town Centre Weed Pull

Our recent weed pulls in and around the Town centre, have received great feedback! Help us in our constant battle with removing weeds and making Ringwood clean and tidy!

Operation Rusty Pin!

We were a bit fed up with the town's notice boards, which were so full of rusty pins, no one could actually put a notice up anymore! Armed with pliers and grips, we carefully removed and cleared a number of town notice boards. "Operation successful!"

Notice board clean up..jpeg
Greyfrairs Benches.jpeg

Time to Sit Back and Relax!

......which is certainly not the case. Our community centre is the heart of our community and as a community group we sprang into action (rather than sitting back with our feet up), to repair the damaged benches to the front of the Greyfriars. We the support of New Forest Saw Mill, who kindly provided the timber, users and members of the public can still sit down and enjoy the lovely view of the gardens.

What a load of Rubbish!

Litter picking never for stops for Mens Shed. We often run our own litter picks but also join in the community-wide picks as well.  If only it wasn't dropped in the first place.

Litter Pick.jpg
Ditch Clearing.jpeg

Crow Stream Ditch Clearance & Clean Up

The ditches serving crow stream were severely clogged with weeds and detritus and causing dangerous flooding to the adjacent roads during heavy rainfall. The Men's Shed team threw on our wellies, rolled up our sleeves and spent the day ditch clearing. Not only was our work rewarding, we have also eliminated a hazard for motorists.

Tree Planting

We had pleasure in assisting Ringwood Actions for Climate Change (R.A.C.E) with their mission to plant 20,000 trees in 2020!  Did they make their target! THEY CERTAINLY DID! Well done R.A.C.E

Tree Planting 3.jpeg